Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mad Uncle Morgan

Today while avoiding working on finishing an illustration for the ritual book, ignoring the fact that I have yet to write the text to go along with the illustration, and completely failing to struggle with the plot point that is messing up the science fiction mystery that I am writing, I came up with a new character--Mad Uncle Morgan.

And I am so going to use him for something.

I don't know--am I a frustrated comedian or what?!

Mad Uncle Morgan is that person who tries to sell you fairy success dust (think fairy sh**), unicorn wands (perfect for the ladies), and thistle poppets (because we all have that special person in our lives). I figure it will be good for a laugh or two. I mean we all know this loon...and he really needs to make some money this summer, and his wife does want him to get rid of all the thistle that is growing in the garden.

So get your money ready because everything must go during the summer bonfire sale.

1 comment:

TsarAndrew said...

Not only a good literary character, but an excellent opportunity for marketing. I hardly know where to buy unicorn horns online.