Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo June 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo June 2012
As many of my friends know, for the last few years I have attempted to "win" the annual NaNoWriMo that is done in November. And by winning, I mean that I have attempted to hack out write fifty thousand words in the space of thirty days. So far, I have lost every about the same amount of words that have been needed for the various college and university term papers that I have been required to write.

But this year, for those of us who are swamped during November, there is Camp NaNoWriMo. Or Camp Insanity as I am going to call it. Yes, I plan on writing a very bad novel this summer...even if I am eaten by bugs and poisoned by ivy.

My working title is Asteroids and Axes. It is a working title; who know what it will be by the end of the month.

And my plot?

Mankind is colonizing the solar system. The asteroid ore pod Molly Brown returns to Earth transporting its precious cargo of metals back to a resource hungry planet. It is also carrying a surprise in the form of an unidentified astronaut. A dead astronaut. A murdered astronaut.

I am not sure if that is enourgh of a plot, but that is all I have right now. Why? Because I just learned that Camp NaNoWriMo starts in a couple of hours (mountain time that is). And this is a last second attempt to make sure that I actually crank out a novel this summer...I will explain that comment later (let's just say that I am not pleased about the fact that my semester is still not over yet...long story involving paperwork).

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mad Uncle Morgan

Today while avoiding working on finishing an illustration for the ritual book, ignoring the fact that I have yet to write the text to go along with the illustration, and completely failing to struggle with the plot point that is messing up the science fiction mystery that I am writing, I came up with a new character--Mad Uncle Morgan.

And I am so going to use him for something.

I don't know--am I a frustrated comedian or what?!

Mad Uncle Morgan is that person who tries to sell you fairy success dust (think fairy sh**), unicorn wands (perfect for the ladies), and thistle poppets (because we all have that special person in our lives). I figure it will be good for a laugh or two. I mean we all know this loon...and he really needs to make some money this summer, and his wife does want him to get rid of all the thistle that is growing in the garden.

So get your money ready because everything must go during the summer bonfire sale.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My current project list

Last week was the last of the current college semester. I am still not sure how well I did...I am not really sure that I can summon up the energy to care at this point. It may or may not have been my last semester as an undergrad; there is still that question hanging over my head (an ugly advising issue).

As I slowly recover, I am kicking around my current project list.

I have decided that I need to get more stuff up on Smashwords. I would like to get some more magical and Golden Dawn stuff up. Towards that end, I am doing a rough draft on a book on secrecy; I am using the rough drafts as posts on my Gleamings from the Golden Dawn blog. There are a couple of sections that may not be posted online before the ebook goes live...howevver long that takes to accomplish.

I should also really consider revising my Three Officer GD Neophyte Ritual book and getting it back up during this production cycle. Also in the works is an ebook on the abusive behavior that one occasionally sees in esoteric groups...yes, it inspired by behavior that I recently witnessed this last cycle (really, it is a good idea to give the entire product line of a writer one star reviews just because you think that they might be talking about you in one of their books?! and furthermore, it is even better for your entire Order to do so?!).

I will be writing more erotica...because it is the best selling stock I have in my product list at the moment. Yes, I am being driven by the need for money. Plus there is the fact that I am going to be applying to a masters program (or two); and if I get in, I will be fighting the smae lack of writing time problem that I have been struggling with for the last several years. Erotica is something that I can write that does not require extended attention.

And yes, I am hoping to get some regular fiction done this cycle (either science fiction or urban fantasy). It is what I would prefer doing...except that it is hard to write an entire novel when the time between writing the chapters tends to be three months (it is hard to maintain the flow...or even a single plot point with this type of temporal gap involved).

So that is what I have planned...outside of taking regular pottery and jewelry photos (which is what I should have been doing today). Wish me luck.