Sunday, February 24, 2008

Helium mentioned in an article

Helium got mentioned in an article on Slate: The Wisdom of the Chaperones---Digg, Wikipedia, and the myth of Web 2.0 democracy. The article is talking about the effect that a small and very active number of members can have on a user-created web site. The two top heavy examples that he (Chris Wilson) talks about are Wikipedia and Digg, For example on Digg last year, the top one hundred users submitted forty-four percent of the top stories.

On page two of the article, he uses Helium as an example of a more stable model. "Requiring someone to write before he or she rates creates a more stable system: Rather than create a caste of creators and a caste of peons, Helium encourages everyone to do everything."

Considering that I am one of the people who writes and rates on Helium, I found it interesting.

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