Friday, June 6, 2008

Helium upgrade blues

As regular Helium writers know, Helium started doing a round of upgrading Wednesday.

First, there was the time that the site was down for them to do the upgrade.

Then on day one, there were the many bugs that go along with an upgrade. The one that annoyed me the most was the ghosts. I was getting double printed and half seen sentences, buttons that was not where they appear to be, and ghost images as I attempted to look around the pages.

And I am prone to migraines, so ghosting is not good for my head.

Then yesterday, they had a big notice up saying that no one should submit anything, or leapfrog anything, because there was an error in the system that was removing all the paragraph spacing from submissions.

And today, half the pages can't be found.

Sigh. My earnings were already dropping on Helium, due to the economy (advertisers are not paying as much to Helium, and it flows downhill from there). I really don't need the site to be all buggy; it turns readers off.

Hopefully, they get all the bugs of this upgrade worked out soon.

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