Sunday, August 10, 2008

I would rather...

Yesterday, I was reading a post on Mylot, which led to a member's profile, which in turn led to an article on Associated Content about how to make residual income off the internet. And it caused me to realize that I have a disease that prevents me from making the big happy buck.

It is the disease that prevents me from using my social network to sell cell phones, long distance service, dietary supplements, jewelery, and Amway. It is the disease that makes me have friends, and not potential clients and customers.

It is the disease that makes me refuse to do things that all the internet and pyramid gurus say is the proper way to conduct business.

The disease is "rather-ism" coupled with a streak of honesty. And it is fatal to my money making potential.

I would rather have my Associated Content in-article links go to my other AC articles, the articles of my friends, and the occasional brilliant piece that one finds there, than to have the links go to my referral programs.

I would rather spend my time writing useful, and hopefully witty, articles than spend my time writing advertisements and self-promotional pieces. I would rather work for the college newspaper than write websites promoting e-books on marketing.

I would rather spend my time on MyLot gossiping and having fun, and leave the bait and switch tactics to others. I join sites to have fun, not to drive people into pyramid schemes.

I would rather have a simple profile, with only a couple of links leading off-site, than have a profile that makes Times Square and Grand Central Station look quiet and lazy. I understand the purpose of banner ads; I just don't want to wear one.

And I would rather have you laugh at this posting than be upset that I tricked you into a commercial.

Call me naive, unambitionous, lazy, unrealistic; but I would rather keep my honesty and my current reputation than become an internet millionaire.

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