Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Arrgghhh! Facebook bites!

I am not good at self-promotion; but when I try to self-promote, I would like websites to work. Unfortunately, Facebook is not playing nice at the moment.

I just posted the last scan of the 2000 color scale and Vault study to my Golden Dawn blog. While attempting to post a link to it on Facebook, I kept getting a line error (as if I can fix the website).

Sadness, and a possible omen that the god(dess)s(es) do not want me to practice self-promotion.

Then again, maybe it is just a hint that the color study was not worth sharing (it was the first one that was done for Bast Temple).

Either way, it makes me feel annoyed. I hate doing self-promotion; so when I do try, I want it to work effortlessly. *sigh*

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