Saturday, February 27, 2010

Testing the waters without a compelling question

There are times that as a writer you stumble across something, and find yourself wondering if you should not be doing it also. In my case, I recently discovered that there is a lot of articles about Jane Eyre over on Associated Content.

And honestly, I found myself wondering if anyone makes a dime off of them.

I had wrote an essay on Jane Eyre earlier this semester. It was one of those compelling question essays that I loathe. I got a C on it.

Thank the goddess for rewrites in this particular class.

It should be noted that I have no intention of writing this particular essay. It has already been agreed (by both me and the professor) that I am choosing another question for my rewrite, perhaps even a different novel.

So given the fact that I am not going to rewrite this essay, I decided to use it as a test article over on Associated Content. I figure that "What does the color red symbolize in Jane Eyre?" will give me an idea of whether or not anyone is making a dime on articles of that irk.

If they are, and I make a dime, then good for me. If not, it is not like I lost anything. All I did was remove the citations, and rewrite a couple of sentences. I think that is called "recycling."

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