Thursday, October 7, 2010

Would I recommend freelance writing as a business

I am a freelance writer. Would I recommend this type of business to someone else? Probably not. A lot of people do not realize how much work writing is. It takes more than just stringing sentences together, and/or repacking information. While you can get paid to write, it takes time and energy to find clients and the pay is notorious low (I think that writers are still being paid as if it was the 1950's). Of course, nowdays you are also operating in a global market---can you low bid someone in India? Probably not. As far as business income goes, the bum begging on the corner probably makes more than you do.

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S. J. Reisner || Audrey Brice || S. Connolly said...

No kidding! But I did a little experiment. I did not tell people a lot about this but, I wrote a short bdsm erotica story and stuck it on both Amazon Kindle (DTP) and Barnes & Noble Nook (PubIt) for $2.99. I make about $2 a copy. I did this October 1 on Kindle and October 2 on Nook. So far, I have sold 29 copies on Nook ($56.36) and 11 copies on Kindle ($22). I am posting this on October 7. That means that in literally 7 days a 8,500 word sex story (porn) has generated almost $80 of income. So a writer can make money - but you have to sell your soul to do it. LOL! So if you want to boost your writing income, I recommend writing smut (as sad as that is).