Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Form letter junk mail

A new rash of form letter junk emails have hit my spam box.

All of them have the subject line: Re. (fill in the blank)

And the text says:

Ahahahaha looks like we share the same opinion (fill in the blank).

Check my profile at:

Some dating site referral link
See what else we have in common ;)

You just have to laugh at the laziness of the people who send out this spam. Does the company send their spammers a form letter to fill out? I am thinking yes because the only difference between the letters is (fill in the blank) and the sender (and the referral number, of course). C'mon spammers, create your own letter if you are going to spam me; your job is to entertain me, not make me think that I am watching TV reruns.

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