Monday, April 18, 2011

The State of Morgan Eckstein Economy 2011

I did my taxes on Friday, as evidenced by the above picture of the line at the post office (imagine what the line is like today---Happy Tax Horror Day 2011). It was slightly depressing. When I accounted for the payment that I am still waiting for (small payroll department problem), the difference between 2010 and 2011 business revenue was a whole six dollars. Gee, my writing business is growing by leaps and bounds, isn't it? Add in the increased costs of daily living, my tuition and textbooks costs going up, and the cut in the amount of grants and scholarships I recieved (and it is going to be even worse this year), and my personal economic picture blows chunks. When I consider the number of businesses that are closing their doors, alongside my personal finances, I find myself wondering where is this mythical economic recovery is? It is sure not happening in my own backyard. Is there anyway that those people who actually seeing an economic recovery (I am talking about you rich-cat CEOs) could pay some more taxes? Probably not---but I can hope, can't I?

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