Saturday, September 24, 2011

Facebook is not going to charge you

There is a bad meme, a Facebook Status Virus, making the rounds today. It is one of those copy and paste to your status things insisting that Facebook is about to start charging users for the service.

It is false, untrue, and completely wrong.

Facebook is not about to charge you for using the service.

Sure, they change your privacy settings back to their uber-preferred "everything is public" setting everytime you turn your back on them.

Sure, they change the layout everytime the wind shifts.

But they are not going to charge you for using the service.

You see, they are already making quite a bit off of you. They count up all your eyeballs, and tell their advertisers that they have a mighty X number of eyes available to look at advertisements everyday.

And then the advertisers hand them big bags of money.

Charging you to use Facebook would hurt their eyeball count, and the flow of those big bags of money that they love so much. They are not going to kill the golden goose by making it pay.

No, they are going to continue to mess up your settings, and changing the layout...that way, you keep noticing the ads. After all, it is ok to upset the golden goose as long as you don't kill it.

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