Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It was a thinking day today

Today was a thinking day. One of those days that make it look like I am not actually working on the writing, but really I am...it is just that all the visible work can be condensed down to a single page of outline for a project that I am starting to kick around.

(The title of the project that I am kicking around is Imps and Imaginary Friends; it is going to be a collection of essays about my "normal" childhood.)

I don't actually remember scheduling a thinking day today. But it ended up being one between the scanning of documents for my wife, and the household chores that I chose (willingly) to do today.

And it was probably overdue...my gas tank was getting kinda empty. To understand that you have to remember that I started my freelance career as a writer while working at a Burger King. I did a lot of thinking while cleaning and/or standing around between orders.

Anyways, I did work today--just did not get many words down on paper, that's all.

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