Monday, September 10, 2007

Another social networking site to watch

One of the other social networking sites that I am keeping an eye on is FriendsWin. It is currently in prelaunch. The company behind it are going to be giving out a slice of the pie to those people who help advertise it, getting people to sign up. This should promise explosive growth.

Much like Yuwie should be promising in the long run for getting word out about our work, FriendsWin is promising for being able to get the word out about one's latest material.

It promises to be better than Facebook, and MySpace in the fact that you have to be eighteen or older to sign up for it. Which occasionally is important to me as a writer--sometimes I write some racy stuff.

So I am encouraging people to join both sites, even if they are not good at gathering referrals; they should both prove to be useful as the foundation stones in our campaigns to advertise our writing.

To join FriendsWin, click here.

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