Monday, September 3, 2007

Worked on the lodge's website.

After not being able to access the lodge's website for a couple of days, yesterday the problem was fixed. I am still not sure whether the problem was on my end as LiveOffice insists or whether it was actually one of their servers that was down.

Let just say that the tech support emails were less than helpful. The first response was supposed to have an attachment (a jpeg) as proof that the site was still there--it didn't. The second response merely sent back what suspicously looked like the screenshot of the "Server not found" that I sent them. And if that is what they really pulled up when they tried to view my website, then they were in error telling me that it was viewing ok.

Either way, I am beginning to understand what Frater MTO says about LiveOffice and its parent company Microsoft. If it wasn't the best webpage that the lodge had at the moment, I would agree completely with him.

Of course, the reason that I consider it the best of the set--there are about a half dozen others, all free pages--is simply that we are getting lodge applications through it. You wouldn't think that it would be this hard to locate people interested in Golden Dawn in the Denver area, but it is. So any site that people can actually find in google is better than the ones that no one can find.

Now that I could get to the site to work on it, I did some work on it today. Added a couple more pages from the Z3--one of the core Golden Dawn documents--including the section on the Sign of the Enterer. It was only a couple of hours of work, but hey I am making progress.

If only I can get the second coat of paint on the new Enochian Tablets, and finish my homework and the article I am doing on Mabon, then this holiday will be golden (so to speak).

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