Thursday, December 20, 2007

Aarrgghh! Is that a Black Widow?!

Today started off with an aaarrrgggghhhh! The wife on the way out of the house spotted a spider by the stove. Taking a closer look at it, she woke me up to take a look at it.

Now, spiders are one of her totem animals. So we have a general rule of not killing spiders in the house. We made an exception for this one.

It looks like a Black Widow. I could be wrong; after all, I have never seen one up close and personal before.

To my own amusement, I was more interested in taking a picture of it than I was whacking it. I have been taking pictures of all the spiders in the house lately because I swear we have a dozen different types around the house.

In the end, I did spray the whole area down in bug spray. I don't want the cats to get poisoned--they like to stalk and eat spiders (yes, my totem animals eat hers). But why do I have to collect the bad mojo?

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