Monday, November 24, 2008

My idea of a vacation

Every once in awhile, I find myself wondering about my sanity. Today was one of those moments. I am currently on fall break; or at least, as much of a fall break as the University of Colorado at Denver gives its students (go ahead ask me what all I have to read and write before next Monday).

So I have been doing a little relaxing. How? By writing and reading.

Wait a minute---I am taking a break from writing and reading by writing and reading?!

I would say that I am nuts, but I am a writer. So it makes sense to me that my idea of a vacation is to do research and writing. I am not writing and reading what other people want me to read and write, instead I get to choose my subjects.

I am not sure if writing a set of articles on the Grade structure of Golden Dawn is supposed to be relaxing, but I find it to be. I better enjoy it when I can; soon enourgh I will have to hack out another college paper.

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