Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spam and scams

As a writer, I find myself wondering about the writing skills of other people quite often---as in how does anyone make a buck writing that?

Today, it was while I was going though my email. I was amazed how many generals, bankers and lost relatives I had in Nigera. All wanting me to be their secret partner. And a couple of them using the exact same text, just different senders names and different email addresses---everything else was exactly the same.

Oh really?! Do any of the scam artists (ok, maybe artists, most artists I know are more intelligent than this---open to suggestions for another label) actually make money copying and pasting these messages?

I can't imagine that they do. But obvivously, I must be wrong considering that people keep sending them to me.

Oh really?! Do they think that I am suddenly going to suffer brain damage and believe them?

Here is a hint to all the spam and scam artists out there: show some creativity and write new copy. I am not going to fall for the new copy either, but it will help you develop a valuable skill---writing technical copy.

Oh really?! Yes, I do believe that writing is a more valuable skill than ripping people off.

Maybe I am gulliable, after all.

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