Monday, December 29, 2008

Playing games

One thing that those of us who are self-employed need to be aware of is how much time we waste. Especially those of us who are freelance writers. And what we are actually doing when we are wasting time.

One of the ways that I waste time is playing computer games. My favorite game at the moment is Bubble Shooter. It is one of those connect three of the same color and make them disappear games. I prefer games like that when I am thinking about writing, but too tired to do so or not super-inclined to do so. (Much like most of my time rating on Helium.)

The ideal computer game for me is one that I can take my time and think, one where if I come up with a good idea I can slip away and write it, then come back.

My wife prefers arcade games. Or at least, I think that they are classified arcade games. She has been playing a lot of Collapse! Crunch lately; she is also a big fan of Cubis.

These games require too much attention and energy to be useful when I am thinking about ideas for articles. They demand full attention.

I have thought about trying out Warcraft, but it looks like it would be really time consuming.

If I am completely goofing off, and dont care that I am not working, then I will play Blackhawk Striker or Phoenix Assault. But if I am actually planning on writing, then it is best that I stick to Bubble Shooter.

(If you are curious, my best score is 209,580 at Bubble Shooter.)

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