Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Survived another semester

Well, it is safe to say that I survived another semester's worth of finals. I am not sure if I passed all of them (there is a big question mark over Ancient Greek History). But at least, I didn't croak during the middle of them.

So now, it is time to get back to writing for awhile. Or at least, as much as I can given the busy schedule over the next thirty-four days before the next semester starts; I have a carpet to rip out, a ceiling to fix, and several visits with friends, family and lodge members to deal with.

As for what I am going to attempt to write this break, I am hoping to finish the series of Tarot articles that I started in June; so far, I have only completed four of them and started working on three others.

I still have a week or two before I find out if I actually passed all my classes (again, Ancient Greek History is the one that I am worried about).

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