Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bad timing on marketplace

Today, I recieved one of the Helium Marketplace alerts, the email for those who have written articles similiar to those currently being requested by someone in the marketplace. And I promptly said "Damn it" when I saw the deadline---this Sunday.

Talk about bad timing. There is no way I can even hack out a single astrology article before the deadline; I have finals to cope with. I still have a week to go, plus one day. At this point, I have to study for two finals, and write twenty pages for papers that function as finals (plus complete research).

And I know that I can do the type of stuff these requests are asking for; after all, I started to write astrology articles for one of the college newspapers this last semester. But there is no way that I can make the deadline for this set.

I wonder if they will have any more marketplace requests later this year. I hope so. But if nothing else, I have another marker about how much to price the astrology articles I intend to write this summer. That is something positive, isn't it?

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