Saturday, October 24, 2009

Buying office supplies

Today, I was at Office Depot buying office supplies.

The errands originally started out just as a Petsmart run, must fed the kitties, and ended up being the typical half-dozen stores run that my wife and I normally engage in. It takes up the entire Saturday and leaves every little room to get anything else done.

Anyway, I realized that I am weird when it comes to buying office supplies. Now Toni was fading fast, due to her fibromyalgia. And there I was really proud of myself because I found the last bonus box of HP paper; it had an extra two reams of paper for free.

Of course, if you know what a ream of paper is without looking it up, we may have to talk about your office supply problem next.

So getting free paper made me happy, as did having a Worklife Reward…forty dollars worth, which says a lot about how much office supplies I buy on a regular basis.

What type of person becomes happy because they are getting free office supplies? Especially when it turns out to be a box of printer paper?

The really scary part is that I suspect that out there someplace in the world, there is someone else who will understand what I am saying.

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Lavanah said...

Not only do I know exactly what you are talking about, but I can do you one better-I have my very own, personal sales rep from Staples. He actually calls me to tell me about sales he thinks I would be interested in. It is a sick sick sick world where addictions such as ours are abused by commercial entities.