Monday, November 23, 2009

Murphy's computer

I have suffered a rash of computer problems lately. And not just here at home either. It has not helped the writing at all (I turned in one article close to a week late).

The primary computer problem with the desktop computer is that it is a dinosaur. Combine that with my wife's impatience and it is not a good combination. If there were not things that we could only do with it, I would be attempted to smash it with a very large hammer.

What surprised me was the problems I had with accessing the internet from a friend's house. I was babysitting her daughter all weekend while she was taking reflexology classes. In the end, I just gave up trying to access the internet.

Computers---Can not be a modern writer without them, can not be sane writer with them.

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Mr. ? said...

I bet Shakespeare never had those problems! Add on top of that eye strain and wrist strain, and you begin to ask yourself are we really advancing?

-Luke Sidewalker