Saturday, November 14, 2009

Summer vacation

Last night, my wife came home and said that she needed my opinion on something. For those who know my wife, you know what her asking me for my opinion means. She has this funny habit of asking me what I think she should do when she has already decided what she wants to do. Often, I just step aside and let her have at it; as long as she is not going to get seriously hurt why attempt to stop her?

Turns out that she has a chance to go on a trip this summer to Costa Rica, and learn some Spanish in an immersion environment. And I say good for her. We have no kids, just Secret Chiefs (aka the cats), and I could use a couple of weeks of peace and quiet to write this summer.

I know that there are some people who are just going to be appalled by the fact that I let my wife do whatever she wants. Honestly, why should I attempt to control her life? Some of these people believe that I am mooching off of her. I think that they are forgetting the fact that I am taking out student loans to pay my half of the bills (or as much as I can pay with the little bit that I am actually getting).

Be lets be real here. I let her do what she wants to do because she is happier when she has a goal to pursue. And she lets me pursue my weird goals; heck, she is the one that encouraged me to go to college when I suddenly become forty and unemployed (ok, part of that was expected).

And in this case, I could use the vacation too. Two weeks, perhaps three weeks, of noninterrupted writing sounds like a good summer to me.


aprilenchanted said...

So Toni's going away! Costa Rica! Amazing! Too bad you can't go with her!

Lavanah said...

Sounds to me like you have a very good chance of a very long marriage (says the woman about to celebrate her 25th or 29th anniversary, depending on when you start counting).