Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yep It is All My Fault

On Friday, I had one of those days. You know the type of day that makes you wonder why someone would ever chose writing as a profession.

It was an administrative problem. The type of problem that a freelancer looks at and wonders if the department on the other end is trying to save money by ensuring that no one ever is able to collect a payment from them.

Yes, I was dealing with a payroll (human resources) department---one that insists that they do not have current paperwork for me, therefore they do not have to pay me by their rules because I missed a deadline for filing the correct paperwork. And yes, this department is connected with the government.

For the record, the information they had last year, and the year before, is still the current information. I still live in Denver Colorado, in the same house, I am still technically single according to the IRS (it is a common law marriage with a mortage, but my wife will not consider it official until I finish college and take her to the altar), etc. If they kept paperwork from previous years, then they have my current information.

To make matters worse, I have been stuck in the infinite loop (where each person sends me to another, and none of them is responsible for fixing the problem). And there is a small email problem (for legal reasons, they are required to communicate with me though an account that they set up---an account that was deleted), they keep sending emails to a dead account, despite my requests to send it to my primary email address.

But none of this is their fault. All the blame lays on my doorstep. And I have to shut up and accept it if I ever want to sell them another word.

I almost quit writing on Friday because of this (but my wife would not let me). Exactly why I didn't will be the subject of a future blog. In the meantime, consider this---have you ever seen a terrorist that wasn't upset at a political entity? Yes, I believe that it is red tape, governments, and power hungry and money grubbing politicans that create terrorists.

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