Monday, December 26, 2011

This past year and the year ahead

Well, I do not know about you, but I am ready to show 2011 the way to the curb. Money-wise, it has been the worst year ever for me. My business has tanked in 2011, due to a drop in freelancing gigs, changes on the pageview sites, the Panda Farmer Google update set, and the general lack of money among my readers. Combine this with the fact that higher education funding has been cut to the max here in Colorado and I am so close to finishing my degree that I must finish it, and you end up with me being the poorest I have ever least, as an adult (my childhood may have been worse---my father did go bankrupt once).

On the bright note, I did finally break down and start creating ebooks---both under this pen-name and some others (the stuff under the other pen-names I am not sure I want to be associated with me, but I really need the income). I am still working on formating issues.

Looking ahead to 2012, it looks like I will be doing some more ebooks. It also looks like I will finally graduate from the University of Colorado at Denver (I do have to talk to two advisors to make sure of that), not that it will matter all that much---I plan on applying to the literature and history Master programs. And I might be doing an Honors Thesis (it is not completely sure yet). And I am really hoping that I figure a way out of the giant debt trap that I am stuck in.

Happy New Year everyone!

May you never be ignorant; may you never be cold; may you never hunger; may you never thirst; may you always be thankful. So mote it be.

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