Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Horror Day 2013

Today was Tax Horror Day. I finally filled out my taxes today--I cut it as close as I could to my next royalty check (c'mon royalty check, show up before the next credit card bill does).

My business is improving. I had to pay self-employment taxes this year (which I would rather pay than not pay, given the state of the economy). And I already know that I have to pay them again next year (yes, I am one of those people--hopelessly self-employed).

Of course, the IRS does not ask me to prove that I am a "real" writer. All they care about is that I made enough to have to pay some self-employment tax. They could care less that most of my income came from writing erotica, unlike some other people who loudly declare that erotica writers are not real writers.

I think that maybe the only opinion that mattered today was the IRS'. Right?

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