Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jared Fogle is creepy than I thought

Subway pitch man pleads guilty to sex crimes. 
I have always found Jared Fogle a little creepy. And over the fifteen years of him being the Subway spokeman, nothing ever changed my mind about that. Seriously, who finds Subway that tasty?

Of course, the fact that it was a Subway employee who decided to kill the security guard at the last food court I worked at probably colors my opinion about how creepy Subway workers are in general.

(Sorry, I know that it shouldn't, but it does affect my opinion. And Subway has always been a "must eat something--damn, is that the only fast food restaurant around here?!" for me---probably due to the fact that as a tween I had been introduced to really good sub-sandwiches, thanks to my father selling produce to a restaurant in Longmont.)

And hearing about what Jared Fogle plead guilty to--possession of child pornography (as young as six years of age) and having sex with minors (as young as sixteen)--just makes me go Yeech!

That might surprise people who know that I write erotica, and a rather dubious type at that.

(My first introduction to erotica came in the form of a dubious letter magazine at a truck stop in Nebraska--or was it Kansas--on my way back from South Carolina and my eight whole weeks in the US Army. [My father got killed in a truck accident, and I was issued a hardship discharge.] Despite the claim of the magazine that the letters and stories were written by real people engaged in such dubious behavior, even I an inexperienced writer knew better--the stories were just too well written to be done by amateur writers. As a result of me realizing that someone was making money writing such dubious material [the first time I ever realized that someone was writing for money], it was natural that the first market I ever submitted to was a rather dubious one.)

I have been writing and selling dubious erotica since I was nineteen. And my characters are ALWAYS eighteen or older. I have never ever written an erotica story that had a character who engaged in sex before the age of eighteen.

(Yes, I know that out there are people who lost their virginity before they were eighteen....but the rule for the print market has always been "All characters are eighteen years or older." And besides, I find the thought of sex before eighteen a little creepy. Hell, I did not lose my virginity until I was eighteen.)

So how bad is the grossness of Fogle's crimes when a writer of dubious erotica goes "That is fucking gross!"? I am thinking that it must be really bad.

So here is to Jared Fogle, who is going to be eating prison food for the next ten to thirteen years, and good riddance to him.

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