Tuesday, September 1, 2015

All of my anti Book Pirate videos

Here is a list of all my anti-book-pirate videos.

This first one is short and sweet, and provides the same answer as the other videos without me rattling on for a painful amount of time.

This video is me talking about how to determine if it is actually the True Will of a writer to have their work pirated. For those who would prefer not to watch the video: If a writer (or other creative) puts a price tag on it in our "it is easy to make something free" world, then the writer's True Will is to actually make some money from it, which means that no, the writer's True Will is not to be pirated.

In this video, Mad Uncle Morgan foams at the mouth when someone argues that it is the True Will of occult writers to give away their works freely.

In this video, Mad Uncle Morgan rants about the lamest excuse that he has ever heard to justify stealing without permission the works of creative people. In the end, the logic is that if other professions make you pay for their services and products, then writers and artists also deserve to be paid for their services and products.

This post will be updated when I put up more anti Book Pirate videos.

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