Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dont owe Prince a damn thing

My response to someone saying that as a writer, I owed Prince a debt because he fought censorship.

"Luckily for prince, other artists can sell things like grimoires or explicit romance novels without being banned/forced to do some other shit to keep the lights on."

You have no idea about the book market, do you? Most writers have a day job to keep the lights on because they will make less than a thousand in royalties. Same goes for most artists and musicians. Even today, all the book outlets can ban your book for absolutely no reason, and you can't do anything about it.

The only artists that Prince helped were artists who were or became famous enough to make so much money that it was stupid for outlets not to sell their stuff.

Small timers still suffer from the whims of the market and have to worry that some Christian will start screaming, "Will someone think of the children?!"

Amazon rules on erotica change the instant they notice that you are making money, and some Christian might get upset. 
As an erotica writer, my market was cut by over 90% because companies decided to listen to those who supported censorship. Prince did not help me one bit.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Am I being sued by the IRS (Scam alert)

This afternoon I recieved a message on the answering machine saying that I was being sued by the IRS, and needed to call a certain phone number to resolve the issue.

Uhh, yeah, right.

Nope, no thanks, I will wait until the IRS sends me a piece of snail mail saying that I am in trouble.

Remember the IRS will never call or email you; they communicate using good old fashioned snail mail.

(And for those interested, I have never been audited...because I have never made enough money to justify hauling me in. If the IRS actually sued me, I would have to send them a big bag of used cat litter---because that is what I can spare.)

My current writing itinerary (my boring life as a writer)

In case you wonder, my current writing projects include (in no particular order of priority):

A Necronomicon satire (which I am having way too much fun writing, and I figure will sell just a single copy if I ever am bothered enough to publish it)

A short horror story about a man who summoned a demon as a muse

Harmic Barrows--an urban fantasy series (think "orc" taxi driver forced to become a detective)

A series of random fairy poems

At least one Tarot deck (which is unlikely to ever be finished)

A Mad Uncle Morgan commentary about the "laws" of magic (magic as a science)

(As you can see, nothing terribly exciting or profitable.)