Sunday, August 26, 2007

The semester has started...

Well, the Fall semester started Monday. Still don't have all my textbooks yet (I am missing a workbook). And I am already short money with not a clue how I am going to survive budget wise.

I am taking Microeconomics, Astronomy 101, Intro to Philosophy, and Intro to Political Science. Call it getting as many of my requirements for my Associate's out of the way.

Microeconomics is being taught by Marty (Martin Sabo); I took his Macroeconomics last spring. I figure that it should be an easy A, or at least a class that I look forward going to.

Astronomy because it is the science I am most interested in--biology sounds so boring.

The Philosophy class doesn't have a textbook--we have six books (novels) to read for the class, starting with 1984. I am glad that I read it this summer (of my own free will); it helps being ahead in one class.

It is the Political Science class that I am worried about passing. Much of the grade depends upon the work of our assigned group. Oy.

Of course, true to form, I have fellow students asking me why I am taking a class that doesn't count towards my degree (Microeconomics), and what use is a English degree (not alone my long term goal of getting a PH.D. in the literature of Kabbalah). The bottom line is that I spent twenty-two years in the real world; if I am going to go to college, I don't want to be bored completely out of my mind. Besides I have written things about Economics and Kabbalah--it is related to my profession.

In other words, in summary, this semester is the same old same old. Same problems. Same questions. Same concerns. Same sigh.

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