Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Plans for August

One of the things that I find useful to do as a writer is to make a list of the projects I intend to do at the start of the month.

This month, I am not planning on getting a lot of writing done. A couple of articles for Helium is pretty much all I intend to do.


Because 1: I have a major amount of work to do on the behalf of the Golden Dawn lodge I belong to; and 2: College resumes on the 20th, so I have a lot of stuff to do around the house and on the web before college starts.

The Golden Dawn stuff (mainly) involves typing in the documents I currently have for the Theoricus Grade, and making a list of all the apparent holes in the documention. This list in turn will become my work list for the next several months as far as my local lodge work is concerned. Plus I have my normal Adept Minor subgrade work, the maintaining of the websites and blogs, and the bimonthly meetings to attend to.

I have to pick up books, and do at least one bank run to get my ducks in a row for college. It is just too bad that I can't find a row of ducks to actually take my classes for me.

The housework is mainly gardening and repair work.

The web stuff is primarily finishing the base necessary to do my writing in the fall while attending classes. It is part of the burden of being a forty-one, about to turn forty-two, year old college student. I have got to finish setting up my promo page, and complete the market research I need to do.

The goal is to have all the really time consuming stuff out of the way before classes start. This is very important because I have to make a living as a writer inbetween classes.

Wish me luck--I am going to need it.

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