Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bombed a test

Well, I bombed my Microeconomics test yesterday. No real big surprise--it involved a lot of equations that I kept confusing with one another. Elasticity equations (income, price, supply, etc.) mainly.

It is a good thing that Marty (Martin Sabo) allows us to fix the test to recover half the points that we lost.

Exactly why I bombed I am not completely sure. Was it the fact that I didn't study hard enough or too much (I did more studying for this test than all the ones I took last semester in Macroeconomics). Or was it that I bashed out the homework for three chapters this weekend because i am trying to clear the deck for National Novel Writing Month. Or was it that I wake up yesterday slightly depressed. Or a combination of all of these.

Oh well, I should still be able to get an A in this class if I don't bomb any of the other tests. Onward and upward.

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