Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MyLot Referral Earnings Bonus Program

[This post is about a bonus prgram that MyLot did in 2008.]

One of the ways that a lot of the people who make decent money on the internet is though referral programs. Many sites pay members to refer others to the site. Most often this payment is based on the activity of the downline (members that you have convinced to join the site also).

MyLot is one of the sites with a referral program. Normally the amount MyLot pays for a referral is 25% of their participation earnings. For instance, for every ten dollars they earn, you would get two dollars and fifty cents if you were the person that referred them to the site.

As I said, normally it is 25% there--at the moment MyLot is having a bonus program going on. Between now and May 31st [2008], the referral income is 50% instead of the normal 25%.

It is all an effort to encourage members like myself to use their new flyers. An example of what they are encouraging us to use is as follows:

Meet other writing fans on myLot.

So if you are good at getting referrals, or think that you might be good at it, now would be a good time to join MyLot.


eJNTU said...

I have 5 referrals but am not getting their earnings..

When will we be paid with these earnings..?

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

You can see your referral earnings when you click "Earnings---My Earnings." The categories are Participation, Referrals, Tasks and Rewards. Your earnings from referrals are in the Referrals, and rolled into the Total amount.

For payment to be made, you must have earned ten dollars (presuming that you have not changed your payment threshold higher)---it does not matter what category the earnings are from, it is hitting the threshold that counts---by the end of the month. Payments are normally made by the fifteenth of the month.

Something you might want to check is if your referrals are active. You can do this by clicking Earnings---Referrals. For instance, I have five referrals on MyLot who are no longer active, and therefore I am earning nothing from those referrals anymore.