Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break 2008 Part One

So it is spring break, and I should be getting a lot of writing done. Right? Well, that is the theory. But in practice, the plan is not working.

The first few days of spring break I was so tired that resting was hard work. Then yesterday, a hunk of the day was spent dealing with a plumber (small water leak) and the furnace repairman (yearly inspection)--both very important things, but neither one conductive to writing.

Of course, the wife being on break is not conductive to writing either. I love her, but there are those moments when she can not see that I am trying to work. Sigh.

And I doubt that I am going to get much writing done, even though I am being to feel human again. I have a couple of friends to visit (they do not remember the last time that they saw me), and a pile of homework to do (one take-home test, two psychology chapters, a history chapter, three plays, and two novels) before classes start back up.

Maybe I should have considered going to Florida instead...

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