Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blizzard of 2009

Looking outside, I realize that I am trapped inside the house with my wife today; the snow is starting to drift outside. After yesterday, I am not sure that this is the best thing to happen.

Yesterday, Toni organized some of her files (she is an elementary school art teacher); she also was organizing our donation to one of the local charities. Much of this donation involved going though my clothes.

Ok, I will admit that I have a lot of stuff that I don't wear, should get rid of, and am not sure why I got that in the first place. Some of the stuff were donated to me when I was younger and poorer (it is hard to believe that I used to be even poorer than I am right now, isn't it?).

My Renzios shirts are now packed in a trash bag waiting for pickup. This is in part an effort to make sure that I stay with writing, and do not go back to working in food service management.

There were also a lot of ugly clothes donated.

Unfortunately, and no surprise to those who know me, this streak of spring cleaning eventually set me off. And made it impossible to work.

It had actually started in the morning. I had awoken to thoughts about what homework and what freelance writing I wanted to research, and Toni sidetracked me quickly with something that I did not think was important. So I was annoyed from the very beginning of the day. And sooner or later, the storm would break; especially considering things kept being added to my to-do list.

As the possibility of writing got further and further away, the more upset I got.

A friend of Toni's called in the afternoon, after I started to use narsh language. She understood the problem.

Quite simply, I am not used to having my wife home when I am trying to work. Toni's friend understands this problem; her own husband is a writer and she annoys him also. She says that over time, now that I am a writer (hey I am getting paid for it; I am a writer) that I will learn to ignore my wife when I am trying to work.

I hope that she is right. Then again, I used to ignore the lookie-loos at Renzios in the afternooon when I was working on pieces. And interruptions by my regular customers did not bug me.

Of course, they did not expect a lot of interaction from me; nor did they want it. They just wanted their order, so they could get back to work themselves. Heck, they were probably thinking of what they were going to do next, just like I was.

So cross your fingers that I re-learn this trick soon. Because today, I have no escape route; the blizzard has snowed me in.

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