Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leapfrogging and editing to keep content current

So now that I am completely operational from my bout of food poisoning (I still felt a little under the weather even yesterday), I spent part of the day editing some of my old articles on Helium and Associated Content. It wasn't leapfrogging to compete; it was leapfrogging to keep the information up to date.

That is one of the things I both like and dislike about being an internet writer: the ability to keep my previously written content up to date, something that you can not do in the print market.

On one hand, it is good because it allows your material to remain current.

On the other hand, having the option almost forces you to actually do it.

As always, I have mixed feelings about this. Some of my oldest articles are still my best earners, but would I be better off writing new articles and increasing my stock instead? Who knows; I don't; I just do what I do.

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