Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a way to start a day

There are certain joys to being a freelance writer, a college student, and being married---all at the same time.

This morning was not one of them. I had planned on writing a product review, a post on my Golden Dawn blog, and then working on one of my research papers after the online class today. Unfortunately, last night's grief followed me into this morning.

I hadn't even brushed my teeth yet, or gone to the bathroom, when I found myself on deck listening to the wife talk about the options that she could do rather than go back to work for the oh so lovely boss that she is currently working for.

For those who do not know this, I am prone to panic attacks. Thanks a lot DNA. I also come from a family where I was expected to sacrifice everything for others. Thanks a lot mom and dad. I was also told repeatly that it did not matter what I had to give up because I would never amount to anything. Thanks a lot...oh, you know who you are.

So now, there is a large part of me that is debating the merits of changing my summer plan, dropping out of college, and going back to work in food service. I could care less last night---in the sense that her switching jobs had nothing to do with my own business. Now I am ready to torch my own business because she dumped more emotional issues and ideas on my plate before I even had my morning soda.

I don't need to tell the writers in the room how that affects the writing, do I?

If you have any ideas about how to deal with days like today, please expound on them in the comment section.