Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bite me Citi VISA!

Warning! This post is not me blogging about my father or tax horror day, both of which deserve to be blogged about. No! Citi Card wanted to star in my blog instead today.

Ok, tax horror day---the biggest annoyance today should be the IRS and post office, right? Wrong.

I get home and open my mail to discover a notice that Citi is closing my Visa card. Why? Because they have revised their credit standards and I am too high on my utilization rate (balance vs. available credit).

Wait a second---ain't this the same company that just increased my credit on this exact same card earlier this year? Yes, it is. No, I have not charged anything new in the last two months. Hmmm, slightly schiziod, ain't we Citi Card?

Of course, this is the night that my dearly wife decided that she had to get her homework done (her television shows tomorrow night are more important than my shows tonight). I wanted to scream and shout, and she just wanted me to shut up. (I bet she will be upset when I attempt to do the same to her the next bad day she has.)

And this was the credit card I was planning on using this summer if money got tight. Way to go Citi---just tighten that rope around my neck.

I thought about calling Citi to contest this decision (as if that would do any good), but decided to write a poison ink article instead after seeing the 227,000 plus results that Google spat up. I hope that Citi likes my article about them. Oh yeah, that is right. Citi never plays any attention to those who they consider to be bad credit risks, who they promptly abuse with their credit card policies. Bite me Citi Card.

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