Friday, May 7, 2010

Season of stress and no time

Regular followers of my blogs have probably noticed that I have not been posting much lately. The reason is simple; I am deep in the final assignment and exam season of the spring semester. And it is not over yet, I have two finals on Monday, one on Tuesday and a fifteen page paper to finish (thirteen pages to go) due on Thursday (it counts as a final).

Due to this, the biggest thing I have done with my business lately is to set up a fan page for Morgan Drake Eckstein (that is me). I also set one up for Bast Temple Golden Dawn Denver Colorado, the local lodge I belong to. Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out their permanment links (urls), so that I can get people to them without having to be a facebook friend of mine. (I do believe that they can be found though search). I have wondered why more people do not use the fan pages, and now I know---no one can figure out how to link to them properly.

For the record, I did plan on hacking out a Cafe World article today; unfortunately just writing this post and trying to do some simple math makes me think that is not going to happen. Hopefully, I have caught all the grammar and spelling mistakes I have made on this post...if not, I have mentioned that I am in the season of stress and no time, haven't I?

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