Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh goody It is Windows update day!

Oh goody. It is update day. The joy of Microsoft Windows updates swells my heart as I look at the little icon on the bottom of the screen telling me that it is time to obey and install the latest updates to my computer.

Maybe if it was just one computer, I would not dread this so much. But I have three computers that I have to update. So that is three computers that I have to click "Yes, I am ready for you to attempt to destory my computer." Oh wait, it is not meant to destory my computer. It is an unfortunate accident if the update causes my computer to do weird things afterwards.

And maybe I would be less annoyed if I was not trying to actually work today. My livelihood depends upon me sitting in front of a keyboard, punching sentences in. But no, we must break the flow of the writing to install the update.

Who knows how many updates? And how many restarts?

And will my anti-virus program decide that the updates are actually viruses? It could happen. Ahh yes, it makes you glad that it is Windows update day, doesn't it?

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