Monday, July 30, 2007

Crime in Space!!!

It has been an interesting year for those of us who write about crime in space.

At one time, it was possible for someone to look at us science fiction writers and tell us that crime would never happen in space. Thanks to the events of this year, the sci-fi crime writers can present evidence that we were right all along.

Too bad, all of the evidence is coming out of NASA.

I understand the urge to believe that humanity will clean up its act as it leaves this planet. One would like to think that mankind escaping its ancestrial home as a moment of hope, rather than as the exportation of weeds and pests to lands that has never seen such a scrouge before. I am afraid that one of my friends is right--mankind is about as noble as a cockroach.

This year so far, we had one love triangle with a high speed car ride in an attempt to cut out the competition. We also had sabotage of two computers, and the reports that perhaps shuttle pilots are behind the controls while under the influence.

All of this speaks ill of humanity. And it makes me giddy as a schoolgirl, as I can rightfully exclaim, "Where humanity goes, vice and crime follow."

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