Friday, October 24, 2008

MoraChat follow-up

To anyone curious about my results with MoraChat:

Quite honestly, I gave up on it really quickly. I liked MyLot better. And college homework and regular writing took priority. By now, I presume that they have wiped my account.

So I don't know how MoraChat is. Other than I did not like the setup of their pages: it was hard to find topics to post on, and looked amatuerish.

I probably am not going back to that website ever.

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Duwana said...

Hello - I think I've seen you on myLot and Yuwie both. I'm not going back either because I've been banned. After this happened I posted a discussion on myLot which has since been deleted (they changed to rules after I posted it to prevent 'bashing' of other sites". Can't believe how many people came forward and said they were treated badly. A few on Yuwie also. I don't recommend the site at all. Dawn