Monday, October 13, 2008

Semester so far

I have not posted a lot this semester. For that matter, I have not done a lot of writing either. Except for Campus Connections, which is the student ran newspaper for the Community College of Denver.

The reason for the lack of writing this semester is simple: it has been a rough semester for me. There are moments that I wonder if I have not bit off more than I can chew by enrolling at the University of Colorado at Denver.

It is mainly the Ancient Greek history class that is kicking me in the behind. I am reading about two hundred pages a week, and looking for about three terms that might be on the next test (most of which show up in only a single paragraph in those two hundred pages). So far, I have not got better than a C on any assignment or test in that class.

I am doing ok in the Foundations of Physics class (formerly known as Conceptual Physics), and am in a good position in Literature of the City. Heck, I think I did ok on my Economics of Race and Gender midterm; if I am correct, then I am doing better in that class than my Greek history class.

I have never studied so hard for a class and gotten such bad results before.

Even writing for the student newspaper is a better use of my time, and I think that the writers' meetings are way too long and way too disorganized.

So if you were curious why I havent been posting that much, or writing that much, there is your answer: the Greeks are still kicking the rears of barbarians like me.

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