Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh really?! Death row ads

Looking at one of my old entries on another blog, I noticed that the entry had attracted ads about "Facing Death Row---Lawyer in XXX can help."

Now, being a writer, this made my mind start to turn over. (Occuptional hazard.)

How many death row inmates are cruising the internet? How many killers are browsing our web sites? Is there a market writing for these individuals? Is a lawyer that advertises though adsense worth it? And does anyone click on these ads?

Only the last question has an answer that I know: of course, people click on those ads; otherwise people would not be taking them out.

But what type of lawyer takes out an ad on adsense trying to attract killers and murderers (not necessarily the same)?

Makes me wonder what type of weird adsense ads other people get with their blogs.

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