Monday, January 12, 2009

Ongoing fight with the wife about the thermostat setting

Last night, it snowed here in Denver. And it is a cool 33 degrees according to the therometer on the side of the garden shed. In the house here, I am thinking about putting on gloves and writing in long hand.

It is either do that or turn up the heat.

Yesterday, when the furnace was going on, the wife declared that it was too hot (she was working on the entry way, ripping out the tiles, part of the remodeling bug that she caught) and turned down the heat.

If I turn up the heat, she will turn it back down when she gets home. But I don't, she will turn it up and ask me why I didn't turn it up earlier.

Either way, I lose.

Does anyone know where I buy some gloves suitable for typing?

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