Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow is the start of the spring semester

Well, tomorrow is the start of the spring semester (my second semester as a junior at the University of Colorado at Denver).

I did not get much writing accomplished during this winter break. Nor did I get much reading done either. And the house repairs and remodeling were overlooked by me on most days.

But I am not going to kick myself over it; what would be the point of doing so?

I may or may not get some writing done during this semester. I do have a two hour gap between classes twice a week. Last time that happened, I ended up hanging out with a classmate or studying instead of writing.

I am still working as a freelance writer for the Community College of Denver student newspaper (Campus Connections) despite moving on to UCD.

(An amusing thing is that the wife is sick today on her off day from work; good timing on her part; I intended not to work today and it is not a good idea for her to exhaust herself working on the remodeling project. Hopefully, she feels better tommorrow.)

So I am off to buy textbooks (recieved my loan check late Saturday) and attend classes tommorrow. It should be an interesting day.

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