Friday, January 23, 2009

Ten Rates in Thirty Days

A couple of days ago, Helium changed their rating star requirements. Instead of having to do forty quality rates in the past ninety days to get your rating star, now you only need to have thirty in the same time period.

They also changed the system so that if you have done ten quality rates in the last thirty days, you also qualify for a rating star. And whatever is the higher rating percentage (ninety or thirty day) is used to calcucate the number of stars that you have.

I am unsure if this new policy is going to prove to be helpful to myself. I hope so. After all, daily revenue share ("the pennies") depends on maintaining a star, and my regular readers know the difficulties that I suffered in that particular task.

I would hate to have to default to Associated Content as my primary daily revenue source; while some of my articles do better there, others fare better on Helium. I would like to continue to earn from both sites, and I need a Helium rating star to do that.

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