Saturday, January 16, 2010

It was a good week

I must brag about what I accomplished this week. The self-employed will understand.

This week, I wrote a newspaper article (a follow-up to an earlier Amendment 50 and community college article), did my astrology column, was actually aware of when certain things were going to be published (unlike last year when I seldom looked at the calendar), attended a mandatory training session for the newspaper staff, did some self-promotion, generated some good will, did some research, did a book review (still typing that one up, but it is written already in longhand), and only took one nap.

(Gee, that is a long awkward sentence.)

I even made some money if you overlook the fact that I am on the net plus thirty payment plan (in other words, I will see payment for the work I did this week at the end of February).

I will admit that I had that moment Wednesday when I found myself wondering when I became the responsible adult. Given what I had accomplished in the week, the thought was understandable.

Anyway, I think that this week was proof that I am capable of treating my self-employment as seriously as a "real job" (my feelings about those who do not consider self-employment as a freelance writer a real job will be a future blog post).

Thanks for listening to my bragging. If you have any brags that you want to share, please mention them in the comment section.

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