Friday, January 22, 2010

Typical start of a new semester

Well, this week was the start of the spring semester for me. This is the fourth semester that I have attended the University of Colorado at Denver. And so far, it has been a typical semester for me.

Like always, I have started out behind, as in "no reading got done the first week." And I pretty much neglected my business this week.

I did a couple of blog posts. They were opportunity shots: the "do them now or forget about it" variety.

I am fairly sure I know what type of schedule I have. As in business schedule, which rotates around my class schedule. For instance, I am fairly sure that I will be updating one blog or another every Tuesady and Thursday before heading to campus. I am also fairly sure that I am going to miss (or come in late) to the newspaper staff meetings.

On the bright note, I am getting better at coping with juggling both school and my business. For instance, today I have actually torn myself away from the time wasters (aka games and random web browsing) that typically becomes my Friday routine. Hopefully, today is not an one-time event on that front.

Here to an awesome semester.

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