Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thoughts while shopping 2: shredding scissors and misc stuff

Continuing with the theme of the previous post, the next thing that I saw at Bed, Bath and Beyond (who are still completely ignorant of my existence) was a pair of multi-blade paper shredding scissors.

I guess this is a gift for those people who have sensitive documents who are living in the back of an old Vista Cruiser. I imagine that these scissors would rapidly be replaced by a full-blown paper shredder by anyone who does not have loads of time on their hands.

Perhaps there are some people out there who only end up with a couple of pages of sensitive material a month. But for most of us, a small electric paper shredder is a better option. Our first paper shredder (my wife and mine) was a small model that we brought at Office Depot for twenty dollars (Office Depot is not completely ignorant of my existence; they send me a lot of junk mail). Later, we replaced it with a bigger model; it turned out that we had a lot of shred-ables.

The two neatest things I saw at Bed, Bath and Beyond were a laptop desk and outlet extensions.

The laptop desk is basically a board glued to a pillow. I brought it anyways. Previously I have been using a large book to place under the stuff I was working on when I was sitting on the couch. I think that this will work better.

The outlet extensions will definitely fix a problem that I have. It is not good to have a power strip plugged into a power strip. Unfortunately, a lot of computer equipment uses a plug that takes up a chunk of room and block other stuff from being plugged in. The outlet extensions are tiny six-inch extension cords; it is very neat idea.

I also brought a small light that plugs into the flash drive port of a computer for those times I need a little light, but do not want to have all the lights on in the room.

After Bed, Bath and Beyond, we went over to the Container Store (another business that has no idea that I am talking about them). I was not aware that you could buy a plastic container the size of a small coffin; they were actually storage containers for Christmas trees.

Anyways, that concludes this round of products that Morgan thought about while shopping. Hopefully, I did not put anyone into a coma. Next time, tune in to hear me talk about the long day I spent in the jury selection process, and why I suspect that I will never actually serve on a jury.



Lavanah said...

I could see those shredding scissors really appealing to certain people with OCD.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Oh, that thought never even occurred to me. But now that you mentioned it, that would make a lot of sense.

Mr. ? said...

The shredding scissors are probably owned by former employees of Enron's accountants; Arthur Andersen I think they were called, before they got shut down for shredding every piece of paper in existence!

-Luke Sidewalker